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Mobile offers extend TriOak’s reach to growers in an ever-changing market


Recognized as a Top 25 U. S. Pork Powerhouse, TriOak Foods is a pork producer, feed manufacturer and grain marketer serving Iowa, Illinois, Colorado, Ohio and Oklahoma. Jacob Wolken has worked on the grain team for the past two years, and led the charge to implement Bushel Trade™ throughout their merchandising operation.

The Challenge

Allow growers to sell grain from their mobile devices and free merchandisers from clunky workflows Multiple data entry for grain transactions is a problem most agribusinesses face, and TriOak was no exception. Their grain buyers needed a solution that would streamline workflows and integrate with their existing tech stack, while their growers were looking for a convenient way to view and make offers 24-7.

The Solution

Leverage Bushel Trade for bid/offer management and mobile offers Using Bushel Trade, the merchandisers at TriOak can easily manage their cash bids from one source. Once published, the bids are updated on the TriOak app, where growers can review them, make an offer, and sign a contract all from their mobile device. The Trade system enters the offers automatically, reducing slippage, error points, and lost orders. Even though growers are submitting offers through the app, TriOak still fields calls. When he picks up the phone and purchases grain, Jacob reminds the customer to check the TriOak app to track the offer status. Visibility to offer history means less risk for TriOak’s grain team and greater convenience for their customers. Growers can view cash bids/futures and make an offer anytime, anywhere from the TriOak app and still benefit from valuable conversations with their trusted grain buyers.

“Bushel Trade streamlines the process of updating basis, managing offers, and purchasing grain. Before we had a few companies doing a piece here and a piece there, now they’re all on the same platform, which is very convenient. ”

– Jacob Wolken, Merchandiser at TriOak Foods

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