Payments Management

Digitize Agriculture Payments and Financial Workflows

Bushel’s payment management solutions transform financial workflows in agriculture by digitizing accounts receivables/payables, invoicing, embedded payments, and line of credit management. Our solutions provide more than just ease and convenience; they are designed for financial access and management for all stakeholders in the agriculture supply chain. 

Put Bushel’s Payments Management Solution to Work for Your Agribusiness

Leave Behind Paper Checks, ACH Forms, And Voided Checks

Bushel’s payments management solutions offer a secure, digital way to handle agricultural transactions. Enjoy streamlined digital payments, real-time tracking, and automated processes. Benefit from comprehensive record-keeping, reduced errors, and seamless integration with existing systems, all while enhancing security and convenience.

Streamline Transactions With Embedded Payments

Integrate seamlessly with your existing agribusiness systems, eliminating the need for paper checks, speeding up payments, and ensuring secure, real-time transactions, boosting efficiency and cash flow.

Lower Accounts Receivable Ratios; Maximize Accounts Payable Ratios

Easily manage your invoices and payments with our comprehensive solutions. Access both paid and outstanding invoices at a glance. Sort invoices by date range, due date, account ID, and status for better organization. Pay outstanding settlements directly through the platform and track previously made payments.

Manage Lines Of Credit

Integration with agricultural lenders allows users to track credit usage, automate approvals, and provide real-time visibility. This streamlines operations, reduces manual processes, and lowers overhead costs for ag lenders.

Keep Customer Data Secure

Safeguard your customers’ information and privacy. Bushel is one of the few agtech companies regularly audited against the SOC 2 Type II framework. This means Bushel has taken a comprehensive and proactive approach to safeguarding systems, data, and customer information.

Mitigate risk through Bushel's Payments Management Solution

Funds deposited into Bushel Wallet Accounts provided by Evolve Bank & Trust are covered by the FDIC standard deposit insurance amount. The standard deposit insurance amount is $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank, for each account ownership category.

How Agribusinesses Take Advantage Of Bushel’s Payments Management 

  • Connect, use, and manage operating lines of credit
  • Pay invoices, purchase inputs, and transact within the Bushel Wallet network
  • Protect your data with technology that meets top compliance standards
  • Bushel Wallet accounts are issued by Evolve Bank & Trust processes*, a member FDIC
  • Accelerate cash flow and working capital
  • Tap into operating lines of credit
  • Simplify accounting, reconciliation, and reporting
  • Use data to personalize customer experiences
  • Access Bushel’s network to explore untapped opportunities
  • Increase your average daily balance through faster payments
  • Decrease expenses by eliminating paper
  • Immediate lines of credit funds usage for invoices and purchases
  • Process payments quickly and securely
  • Track payment statuses instantly
  • Set up deferred payments
  • Access comprehensive transaction histories

Hear From Our Customers

“Bushel has been instrumental in streamlining our payment process. Since implementing their payment solution, we’ve received customer payments anywhere from 7-10 days sooner than payment with a paper check. We anticipate even more efficiency once the remainder of our customers have been onboarded and solely paying with Bushel.”  

-Amy Woodward, Operations Manager at American AGCO Trading Company

By The Numbers:

Move Your Agribusiness Forward with Bushel's Integrated Workflow Solutions

Bushel’s integrated workflow solutions connect your data, people, and processes in a unified solution. With Bushel, your agribusiness gains a dependable partner that simplifies technology management, allowing you to focus on productivity and profitability with confidence.

Customer Relationship Management

Empower teams with customer insights and streamlined farmer relationship management to boost origination and sales.

Bid, Offer, and Hedge Management

Mitigate risk and reduce administrative tasks related to updating grain bids, managing grain offers, and avoiding slippage.

Commercial Portal

Streamline execution of truck grain sales with near real-time digital tickets, grade factor alerts, and contract balances.

Customer Portal

Provide customers with self-service account access and tools, enhancing efficiency and satisfaction for both staff and customers.

Farm Management

Collaborate and strengthen relationships with farmers to enhance origination, traceability programs, and marketing services.

Website Management

Host and manage a professional, informative, and branded website with functionality specifically designed for agribusinesses.

*Funds deposited into Bushel Wallet Accounts provided by Evolve Bank & Trust are covered by the FDIC standard deposit insurance amount. The standard deposit insurance amount is $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank, for each account ownership category.

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