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Take the Chill Out of Winter Uncertainty

Heat up the competition with Bushel's digital tools despite winter's unpredictability.

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Welcome to Bushel

Bushel's ecosystem powers APIs, apps, websites, and digital solutions to support business operations across the entire ag industry.

Based in Fargo, ND, Bushel creates digital tools that support hundreds of agribusinesses, from single-location country elevators to multinational enterprises. Its products, services, and APIs help improve the digital infrastructure throughout the agriculture supply chain. This allows people to share information faster, complete transactions more efficiently, and give users more insight into commodity management.

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Tools to power your business forward

We're constantly evolving and creating new tools to help move the ag industry forward. Bushel's products and services help solve our customer's challenges, improve how they support producers, and manage transactions.

Bushel-Powered App

A subscription-based software powering apps for grain facilities.

Bushel-Powered Website

A website building and hosting platform for grain facilities.

Offer Management System

A paperless cash bids and offer management system.


Custom agribusiness solutions, specializing in logistics and operations.

Bushel-Powered Tools: Trusted by agribusinesses everywhere

Our customers lead the industry in how they support their producers needs. We're proud to be able to work with these people every day helping shape their success and contributing to their future growth.

The power behind Bushel's tools

We're a company made up of designers, developers, product experts and former farm kids with a single mission in mind -- to connect and enhance the grain industry through digital infrastructure. We created Bushel to strengthen and grow the community we’re all a part of. Lead the way, powered by Bushel.

The grain industry is bigger than farmers. A lot of ag tech companies don't seem to get that. We do, because we don't just have a deep knowledge of the business side of ag - working with everyone from local coops to the biggest players in the game.

Meet Our People

Infrastructure could be considered the greatest advancement in the grain industry in the last century. The robust network has allowed the rural heartland to become a major part in the world-wide exporting system.

Digital infrastructure, on the other hand is the wild west: archaic, non-standard, individualistic, and protectionist. grain facilities aren’t connected to their growers, one another, or processing centers.

Bushel's vision is to connect and enhance the grain industry through digital infrastructure.

The system works best when anyone, and everyone, can access it. In partnerships, investors, and client relationships, we remain agnostic and independent.

Partnerships enable fast and secure data flow across the supply chain, faster. Read about our partnerships.

We don’t sell your data, and we won’t. We don’t believe in that. Instead, we’ll monitor, review, and report findings in order to elevate knowledge for the good of the industry.

We’re not answering to, or making decisions for the special benefit of any one entity. We’re independent.

Security is at the forethought of every decision on the Bushel platform. We implement best practices to ensure the security, privacy, and integrity of customer data.

At Bushel, our people are more than just positions filled. They are the problem solvers, challengers, brain stormers, and industry leaders that are pushing the limits of technology’s “what’s next” in the agriculture supply chain. They’re doing it while maintaining a culture of blamelessness, creativity, and growth.


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