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About Bushel

What keeps us going.

Bushel is an independently owned software company and leading provider of software technology solutions for farmers, grain buyers, ag retailers, protein producers and food companies.

You figured out how to move your grain. Let us help figure out how to move your paperwork.

We believe agriculture is the most important industry on the planet.

Agriculture’s physical infrastructure, the robust network of highways, rivers, and railways along with large on-farm grain storage, commercial grain handling and processing facilities could be considered the greatest advancement in the grain industry in the last century.

We believe that a pivotal transformation needs to occur: the agriculture industry needs to build a complementary digital infrastructure to allow information to be transmitted seamlessly across the whole supply chain.


Connect the Grain Industry through digital infrastructure.

We’re not here to disrupt how agribusinesses and farmers work together. We’re not a marketplace. And we’re not digitizing for digitization sake.

We’re here to build products that solve the real problems in agriculture—workforce shortages, lost paper tracking and delayed payments. Phone calls shouldn’t be tracking down lost information: they should be working together to strategize the next marketing plan.

It’s about having tools that strengthen the relationships between grain elevators and retailers and the farmers that they work with every day.

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Customer Obsession
Data Centricity and Interoperability

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The people and story behind the tools

Headquarted in Fargo, ND, with a national remote presence.

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It’s the People, It’s Always the People

When asked what our folks love about working at Bushel, ‘the people’ is always the number one answer. We’re a team made up of diverse skills, backgrounds, and interests, all with a quick wit and deep love of problem solving.

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See Where We’ve Been

It’s been a long journey to get where we’re at today. Learn more about the history of our company and how we’ve grown to serve the ag industry.

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Join Our Team: Build Tools and Grow Your Career

We’re always looking for people who want to contribute to our diverse team of engineers, designers, product managers, and customer experience advocates. View our career openings page to see if we’re looking for someone like you.

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Learn More About Us, Our Customers, And The Industry.

We pulled together a lot of content about the ag industry and how we’re helping our customers succeed. Find out what customers had to share, read our blog, or listen to a webinar on our resources page.

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Reach Out To Us

Contact us if you ever want to learn more about our team, the company, or our products. We try to include everything here, but sometimes you have a more specific question. We get it. Submit your question online or find contact information to connect to one of our team members.

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2024 Bushel Buddy Seat Conference: Join us in Fargo June 11-12 for networking, learning and more.