Customer Portal

Provide Self-service Account Access for Your Customers

Bushel’s customer portal, available on mobile and desktop, makes sharing account information with your farmer-customers easy. Our white-labeled customer portal works in tandem with our other workflow tools – CRM, payments management, and bid, offer, and hedge management – to provide ag retailers and grain buyers with a singular solution for interacting with customers and completing repetitive tasks.

Put Bushel’s Customer Portal to Work for Your Agribusiness

Put your agribusiness brand in the spotlight

Customize your customer portal to reflect your company’s brand, giving your agribusiness a professional-looking tool that stands out and gives your customers one place to engage with you.

Provide customer account info 24/7

Give your customers 24/7 access to their account information and reduce administrative tasks such as phone calls. You can also communicate important market and business updates. Give your farmer-customers access to their work orders, prepaids, bookings, invoices, contracts, commodity balances, scale tickets, cash bids, and more.

Lower accounts receivable ratios

Give your customers a secure, efficient way to pay by embedding Bushel’s payment management solutions into your customer portal. Let customers view invoices wherever they are.

Keep Customer Data Secure

Safeguard your customers’ information and privacy. Bushel is one of the few agtech companies regularly audited against the SOC 2 Type II framework. This means Bushel has taken a comprehensive and proactive approach to safeguarding systems, data, and customer information.

Digitize important documents and processes

Cut down turnaround time and paperwork with digital document deployment capabilities, like eSign. Customers can sign any document using their preferred device. Give customers and staff the ability to digitize documents such as invoices, contracts, scale tickets, and payments, while reducing paper and postage costs.

Hear From Our Customers

“I think it [Bushel’s customer portal] sets us apart, I really do. Most people don’t realize how much technology is used by farmers. A couple of folks in our organization said, ‘I’m not sure how much they’ll use this,’ but I kept saying, ‘I’m telling you, they’ll use it. I know they will.”
-Lou Pfister, Woodall Grain

By The Numbers


Several Bushel ag retailers and grain buyers claim 90% of their farmer-customers use and depend on their Bushel customer portal.


Year-over-year farmer usage of Bushel’s ag retail features has grown by 300% for some customers.


Research shows that using electronic signatures reduces contract turnaround time by an average of 80%. Electronic signatures are also shown to prevent missing files by 66% and scanning errors by 92%.

Move Your Agribusiness Forward with Bushel's Integrated Workflow Solutions

Bushel’s integrated workflow solutions connect your data, people, and processes in a unified solution. With Bushel, your agribusiness gains a dependable partner that simplifies technology management, allowing you to focus on productivity and profitability with confidence.

Customer Relationship Management

Empower teams with customer insights and streamlined farmer relationship management to boost origination and sales.

Payments Management

Digitize payments and workflows – accounts receivables/payables, invoicing, embedded payments, and line of credit management.

Bid, Offer, and Hedge Management

Mitigate risk and reduce administrative tasks related to updating grain bids, managing grain offers, and avoiding slippage.

Commercial Portal

Streamline execution of truck grain sales with near real-time digital tickets, grade factor alerts, and contract balances.

Farm Management

Collaborate and strengthen relationships with farmers to enhance origination, traceability programs, and marketing services.

Website Management

Host and manage a professional, informative, and branded website with functionality specifically designed for agribusinesses.

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