Farm Management

Collaborate and Strengthen Relationships with Farmers

Bushel’s farm management software, Bushel Farm, helps row crop farmers make the best operational and financial decisions for their farms. But farmers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from Bushel Farm. It can be an important tool for agribusinesses who want to collaborate more closely with their farmer-customers. Use Bushel Farm to enhance origination, deploy traceability programs, and deliver marketing services.

Put Bushel’s Farm Management Solution to Work for Your Agribusiness

Secure more grain offers

Help your farmers sell grain confidently using Bushel Farm’s automated calculations to determine their cost of production, marketing position, grain sales profitability, and farm, crop, and field-level profit & loss.

Deploy programs that require traceability

Verification of how and where grain is grown no longer requires binders full of documentation. Farmers can easily share digital crop production records from their Bushel Farm account via email or directly into your ERP or database using an API connection.

Deliver scalable marketing/advisory programs

A custom Bushel Farm portal allows you to collaborate and communicate with your farmer-customers using their Bushel Farm account. Access your farmers’ permissioned contract and marketing information and deliver sales recommendations, market updates, podcasts, and more – all within your farmer’s Bushel Farm account.

Build loyalty by providing an exclusive discount to your farmers

Endorse Bushel Farm to get an exclusive discount code to share with your farmer-customers. (Added Bonus: Contracts with Bushel-powered grain buyers can be automatically entered into a farmer’s Bushel Farm account through an exclusive integration, reducing manual entry.)

Combine in corn field

Hear From Our Customers

“Specialty processors like ourselves have been trying to solve the problem of sharing information downstream to our end buyers. Consumers are requiring much, much more transparency and this [Bushel Farm] is an easy and secure way to do that. Bushel is right on track to make sure that happens.”
-Scott Sinner, SB&B Foods


Years on the market


Millions of acres mapped

Move Your Agribusiness Forward with Our Integrated Workflow Solutions

An integrated solution allows you to connect your data, people, and processes in a single solution.

Customer Relationship Management

Empower teams with customer insights and streamlined farmer relationship management to boost origination and sales.

Payments Management

Digitize payments and workflows – accounts receivables/payables, invoicing, embedded payments, and line of credit management.

Commercial Portal

Streamline execution of truck grain sales with near real-time digital tickets, grade factor alerts, and contract balances.

Customer Portal

Provide customers with self-service account access and tools, enhancing efficiency and satisfaction for both staff and customers.

Bid, Offer, and Hedge Management

Mitigate risk and reduce administrative tasks related to updating grain bids, managing grain offers, and avoiding slippage.

Website Management

Host and manage a professional, informative, and branded website with functionality specifically designed for agribusinesses.

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