Bushel for Row Crop Farmers

Make The Best Decisions For Your Farm with Bushel

With Bushel’s farm management software and access to your grain buyer’s or ag retailer’s Bushel-powered customer portal, you’ll have everything you need to make the best operational and financial decisions for your farm.

Farm Management Software

  • Access an array of operational and financial farm records
  • Generate and share insights: cost of production, marketing position, and profit & loss
  • Automate the entry of grain contracts and field activities through integrations with Bushel-powered grain facilities and machine data providers

Grain Buyer & Ag Retailer Customer Portals

  • Access account information with mobile and desktop customer portals provided free to farmers by Bushel-powered grain buyers and ag retailers
  • View scale tickets, contracts, settlements, work orders, prepaids, bids, and more
  • Sign contracts, make grain offers, and pay or get paid with digital payments
A man with a phone in his hand, looking out into the distance with a wheat field to his left and a red combine in the background

Hear From Customers, Like You

“I’ve always loved the Bushel Farm app, and I love the Bushel app [customer portal] from my elevator. When I dump a semi at the elevator, within five minutes that ticket pops up on my phone. I don’t even have to have the truck driver tell me what the weight or moisture was.” 
– Kevin Harstad, North Dakota Farmer

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