Customer Relationship Management

Empower Teams with Centralized Customer Insights

Bushel’s CRM software, designed for agriculture, integrates with your ERP to eliminate manual data entry and streamline customer interactions. Features like pre-populated contacts and comprehensive analytics help ag retailers and grain buyers optimize relationships and enhance origination and sales strategies.

Put Bushel’s Customer Relationship Management Solution to Work for Your Agribusiness

Experience powerful day-one functionality

Bushel’s CRM is designed for agriculture and seamlessly integrates with agriculture-specific ERP systems, streamlining operations for agribusinesses with little to no manual entry. Customer records are auto-populated from your ERP.

See what your farmers see

Communicate and troubleshoot with your farmers when you share the same view of the information in their customer portal. Remove the potential for any lost-in-translation issues by staying on the same page with your farmers.

View centralized customer profiles

Provide a snapshot of your customers’ contact names, phone numbers, associated accounts, delivery destinations, and invoice locations straight from your accounting system. Add secondary phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses to any customer profile.

Log activities

Create and log notes on a customer’s profile or an associated account. You can edit or delete notes and notes logged by other team members.

View farm demographics

Populate delivery destinations and invoices from your ERP based on contracts in the last 12 months. Document production and on-farm storage capacity in one place.

Keep customer data secure

Safeguard your customers’ information and privacy. Bushel is one of the few agtech companies regularly audited against the SOC 2 Type II framework. This means Bushel has taken a comprehensive and proactive approach to safeguarding systems, data, and customer information.

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Hear From Our Customers

“Innovation-wise, it was clear that Bushel was the direction we wanted to go, and the direction that I think, really just the industry needed to go. They really helped us come closer to solving our problems, if they haven’t already fully solved a lot of these problems for us.”
– Pat Yerxa, Ritzville Warehouse Company

Move Your Agribusiness Forward with Bushel's Integrated Workflow Solutions

Bushel’s integrated workflow solutions connect your data, people, and processes in a unified solution. With Bushel, your agribusiness gains a dependable partner that simplifies technology management, allowing you to focus on productivity and profitability with confidence.

Bid, Offer, and Hedge Management

Mitigate risk and reduce administrative tasks related to updating grain bids, managing grain offers, and avoiding slippage.

Payments Management

Digitize payments and workflows – accounts receivables/payables, invoicing, embedded payments, and line of credit management.

Commercial Portal

Streamline execution of truck grain sales with near real-time digital tickets, grade factor alerts, and contract balances.

Customer Portal

Provide customers with self-service account access and tools, enhancing efficiency and satisfaction for both staff and customers.

Farm Management

Collaborate and strengthen relationships with farmers to enhance origination, traceability programs, and marketing services.

Website Management

Host and manage a professional, informative, and branded website with functionality specifically designed for agribusinesses.

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