Commercial Portal

Streamline Execution of
Commercial Truck Grain Sales

Bushel’s commercial portal gives grain companies access to near real-time contract balances and scale tickets for commercial truck grain sales with Bushel-powered trading partners. It also alerts you if a shipment’s grade factors are outside pre-determined parameters. Grain teams no longer need to navigate various systems or rely on slow, traditional methods like phone calls and physical paperwork to make logistics decisions, process settlements, and pay truckers.

Put Bushel's Commercial Portal to Work for Your Agribusiness

Decrease rejected loads and optimize blending

Although you always aim to ship the precise quality to match your sales contract specs, blending mistakes can happen. With near real-time scale ticket delivery and automated alerts based on quality parameters that you set, you can adjust your blend as needed to avoid discounts and rejected loads.

Reduce contract overruns or shortages

With near real-time contract balance updates, your team will no longer need to spend their time and effort making phone calls or running reports to avoid under- or over-filling contracts at prices that will erode your margins.

Accelerate ticket reconciliation

Your settlement team receives near real-time scale ticket information, fully compatible with your ERP’s import requirements. This removes the time and errors linked to manual entry or reformatted ticket data from non-Bushel systems. Quicker reconciliation means faster settlements for farmers with direct-ship contracts and prompt trucker payments, giving you an edge over competitors.

Keep customer data secure

Safeguard your customers’ information and privacy. Bushel is one of the few agtech companies regularly audited against the SOC 2 Type II framework. This means Bushel has taken a comprehensive and proactive approach to safeguarding systems, data, and customer information.

Hear From Our Customers

“The quicker you get the data in one place, the quicker we can go make better decisions.”

– Darren Antrim, Scoular

Move Your Agribusiness Forward with Bushel's Integrated Workflow Solutions

Bushel’s integrated workflow solutions connect your data, people, and processes in a unified solution. With Bushel, your agribusiness gains a dependable partner that simplifies technology management, allowing you to focus on productivity and profitability with confidence.

Customer Relationship Management

Empower teams with customer insights and streamlined farmer relationship management to boost origination and sales.

Payments Management

Digitize payments and workflows – accounts receivables/payables, invoicing, embedded payments, and line of credit management.

Bid, Offer, and Hedge Management

Mitigate risk and reduce administrative tasks related to updating grain bids, managing grain offers, and avoiding slippage.

Customer Portal

Provide customers with self-service account access and tools, enhancing efficiency and satisfaction for both staff and customers.

Farm Management

Collaborate and strengthen relationships with farmers to enhance origination, traceability programs, and marketing services.

Website Management

Host and manage a professional, informative, and branded website with functionality specifically designed for agribusinesses.

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