Bushel Integrations

These enterprise resource planning (ERP) system integrations build the largest network for agricultural data, helping agribusinesses and farmers manage relationships and sales more effectively, and allowing ag retailers and grain buyers to better engage with farmers. See below if Bushel integrates with your ERP.

ERP Partners

Work with the systems that you already have in place today. Bushel integrates with more than fifteen different accounting systems.

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How Does Bushel Partner?


With quick market shifts, data is all the more important to agribusinesses and farmers. Bushel collaborates with partners and integrates with systems to create a digital solution with infrastructure and information to grow your business.

Customer Obsession

Bushel develops partnerships and integrations to create efficiencies and simplification for both growers and retailers. At the heart of every integration is the best possible service for customers and end users.

Data Centricity

Easily accessible data that connect to your existing systems is essential, whether that is your ERP, data warehouse, or business intelligence system. By connecting the most integral systems, agribusinesses and farmers have the information they need, when they need it.

Solving Problems Together

Learn how Ever.Ag Agribusiness and Bushel are pioneering the way forward in agribusiness through their shared commitment and “on-the-ground” knowledge.

Partner with Bushel

By being an integrations partner, your organization can connect with thousands of producers who are currently using our digital tools every single day. Here are the major features and benefits of why you should consider Bushel.

Seamless Data Sharing

Our development team works with yours for seamless data interchange, security, storage, and management.

Secure Data Exchange

Security is at the forethought of every decision on the Bushel platform. We implement best practices to ensure the security, privacy, and integrity of customer data.

Compatible With Any System

Building on our open-source values, our independence allows us to make smart partnerships, free of biased influence.

Become a valued integration partner and unlock new opportunities to elevate your business. Join our growing ecosystem today.

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