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Integrations and Partnerships

A Partner-Focused Approach

We're on a mission to build and connect the digital infrastructure of the grain industry. By leveraging fast, accurate, and secure integrations across the supply chain, Bushel partnerships transform customer relationships and streamline operations.


Our development team works with yours for seamless data interchange, security, storage, and management.


Security is at the forethought of every decision on the Bushel platform. We implement best practices to ensure the security, privacy, and integrity of customer data.


Building on our open-source values, our independence allows us to make smart partnerships, free of biased influence.


Rain and Hail and Bushel are making production reporting and claims processing easy by sharing information between you and your agent automatically, digitally, and securely.


Bushel is a partner in a new independent technology platform, Roger, that provides modern digital tools for shippers and carriers in the dry bulk truck freight industry.


Bushel and Granular's collaboration aims to streamline farmers grain management and marketing tasks by minimizing farmers’ data entry and their need to manually track scale tickets and settlement sheets.


Find out how the Bushel platform can work seamlessly with the top agribusiness systems in the industry.

"We believe that the future of the grain industry will be built on the strength of community. That if we all work together better, we can improve business for all."