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Scoular Customer Testimonial

The Partnership

Being in business since 1892, Scoular has been able to adapt to the changing way of the world for over 125 years. While the agriculture industry is currently the least digitized major industry in the world, that fact is quickly changing. With the growing demand for a more technological footprint and the consolidation of customers, Scoular needed a better way to interact and communicate with their producers.

By partnering with Bushel, Scoular was able to give their growers a way to track scale tickets, contracts, and cash bids, in real-time,  all while saving staff time and operational expenses.


Their Opportunity 

With the ever-changing agricultural industry, Scoular saw the opportunity to create a substantial competitive advantage by giving their customers a way to digitally interact with their elevators.

  • Communicate faster and more efficiently with customers and producers
  • Give their producers a way to accurately track information and interact with their local elevators
  • Digitally track cashbids, grain tickets, and contracts within their producer network

The Solution

To Scoular, the solution was simple. Utilizing the Bushel platform, they were able to implement the Scoular Grainview app powered by Bushel.

Scoular Grainview delivers real-time scale tickets, contracts, commodity balances, futures, prepaids, and cash bids, all through the branding and look of Scoular.

Their Results

Now with the ability for their grower network to instantly get information directly from their smartphone, Scoular was able to free up time usually spent on calls or tracking down contracts to make their elevators more efficient.


“We’ve leveraged technology to help us drive that visibility into logistics.”

Ryan Napier, Grain Merchandiser 


When partnering with Bushel, Scoular was able to address the technological needs of their customers and gain a competitive advantage in the industry. By providing value to both elevators and growers through the Scoular Grainview app, Scoular has strengthened the relationship between its grain entities and growers through easy-to-use technology.

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