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SB&B Foods


SB&B Foods grows and processes non-GMO, organic, and specialty food-grade crops in the Upper Midwest and sells them to end-users around the world. As their website notes, they are fully invested in the promise of a safe and secure supply chain, focusing on food safety through cutting-edge identity preservation (IP) and traceability.

The Opportunity  

SB&B came to Bushel looking for a solution to help them modernize and add efficiency to their crop production record-keeping processes. The grain that SB&B processes and sells is grown on their own farm in North Dakota as well as by other farmers throughout the Upper Midwest. In addition to managing their own farm records to ensure identity preservation and traceability, the SB&B team needed visibility to production records of other farms that produce grain for SB&B Foods. Their data collection process was time intensive and manual. 

The Solution

Bushel Farm, Bushel’s farm management software, delivers a consolidated view of a farmer’s business; reduces the manual entry of farm records; and provides a snapshot of profitability at farm, crop, and field levels. With Bushel Farm, farmers can collaborate with their grain buyers of choice to market grain with confidence via
permissioned sharing of select pieces of farm operations data. For SB&B, providing Bushel Farm to their production partners for record-keeping results in increased visibility and more efficient coordination, resulting in decreased time and energy spent on manual record-keeping and record-sharing. 

“[With Bushel Farm] we have access to get data from our farmers – their field records – in a much more seamless manner, and therefore, we can aggregate that data and get that to our customers as they need it. Consumers today are requiring much, much more transparency, and this is an easy way we can do that.”

– Scott Sinner, Partner at SB&B Foods


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