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Frontier Cooperative

Customer Advisory Board Testimonial


Frontier Cooperative operates 43 country grain elevators and rail-loading terminals in eastern and southeastern Nebraska. When evaluating Bushel, Frontier had a list of specific features they wanted to see in a farmer-facing digital tool:

  • Scale tickets
  • Contracts with e-Sign capability
  • Cash bids and offer functionality 
  • Commodity balances


The Opportunity

Frontier knew that whatever digital tool they chose, it had to be easy for their growers to use. Frontier has worked with Bushel for two years now and currently uses Bushel Mobile and Bushel Trade. “It’s a tool that we’ve brought to our company that has helped our team tremendously,” Bryan said.

Frontier had previously struggled with their farmers forgetting specific terms of their contracts. There was also the hassle of having to send contracts via mail or hand deliver them. However, since the addition of Bushel Mobile, Frontier’s farmers can now view, sign, return, and save their contracts right from their mobile app or web portal. “We absolutely love eSign. Having the contract in front of customers 24/7 takes [farmers] forgetting any information out of the equation,” Choutka said.

Choutka spoke on how convenient it is that they can push general information out to their farmers simultaneously. Phone calls regarding contract terms and reprints of scale tickets are less frequent now that everything is hosted on their website and mobile app. 

“We have been very happy with the information that our customers are able to get. We are now able to have more meaningful conversations with our customers,” Choutka said.

The Solution and Results

Frontier’s farmer adoption was a smooth process. With printed materials such as flyers and pamphlets, Frontier found it easier to let their farmers know what they now had to offer. However, adoption isn’t always easy. Frontiers’ adoption rate is 70% as they have been taking advantage of the marketing tools provided to them. The grain facility has to want to increase adoption and take action to ensure their adoption rate is high. For Frontier, to help ensure their adoption was high, they held a staff training and made a video walking through how to use the app.

“Being able to put something out that looks professional that our customers would take interest in, versus just an email that came from us saying, ‘This is what we have available now.’.” Choutka said as he discussed the impact of the marketing tools on their adoption rate.

“I really liked how Bushel wasn’t telling us what we needed. They were interested in hearing what we needed and providing that to us.”

 – Bryan Choutka, VP of Grain


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