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CoMark Equity Alliance Testimonial

The Partnership

CoMark Equity Alliance (CEA) has a broad reach that spans four states with 170+ locations. However, CEA understands that size, and size alone, isn’t the sole driver for staying competitive. With the ever-expanding landscape of technology, CEA was curious about how to continue their focus of being forward-thinking to meet the needs of their member-owners and producers.


Their Opportunity

CEA understands the unique opportunities and challenges that grain operations face. How do companies navigate uncharted territories and an ever-changing agriculture landscape? For CEA it began, as it always has, by understanding their customers’ needs and strategizing how to deliver on those needs.

like any forward-thinking business, modern-day grain facilities have strategies to retain team members and efficiently deploy resources. “Keeping these facilities properly invested in to meet and exceed the size, scale, and need of the producer is a worthy challenge,” says Troy Presley, CEA Grain Division Manager. “Producers are getting faster and larger. Having grain facilities keep up with that type of rush is crucial for us to originate grain.”

The Solution

For CEA, the search for a technology tool began with understanding the needs of their customers. Their producers, like many producers, value tools that are easy to use and easy to access. It’s not feasible to be tied to a desk to do work that can now be done in real-time from anywhere.

By Partnering with Bushel, CEA was able to bring features their producers wanted along with giving Co-ops the business efficiencies they need. By finding ways to make their customers succeed through a tool that answers today’s digital demands, CEA continues to stand as an example of a grain operation that is built to serve its member-owners and producers.

Their Results

Former Director of Farm Advisement Lacey Siebert says, “By themselves, coops could probably afford either to employ someone or employ the app, but for members in the alliance, that cost is spread out.” For Siebert, the app’s presence has provided relief for her team’s resourcing especially as her team works directly with farmers daily. “The app has shifted our team’s time,” says Seibert. “Farmers are not needing us to bring their information to them; they have it at their fingertips. Now the conversation can be more focused on things that will help them manage risk instead of trying to take inventory

“It’s giving our customers more opportunities than they ever could have imagined.”

– Lacey Siebert, former Director of Farm Advertisement



CEA is making the technology work for them, not working to fit the technology. CEA is finding ways to elevate their resources across information gaps in the industry with the platform, and provide advantages to both the growers and Elevators.

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