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Visualize, Understand, Decide.

Bushel Insights™ is a suite of business intelligence tools designed to collect, integrate, analyze, report, and present industry data.

Unleashing Data to Empower the Grain Industry

Key data consolidated and presented in focused dashboards across all agribusiness lines: this is the future of your Bushel Insights experience.

Get ready for more Bushel Insights offerings as we expand into additional areas of operation:


The Bushel Insights advantage

  • More detailed and accurate reporting and business analytics

  • Improved and streamlined decision-making

  • More intelligent insights and faster time-to-insights

  • Visually striking, easy-to-understand data visualization

  • More comprehensive data gathering and improved data quality

  • Clearer, faster identification of issues, opportunities and threats

Want to Learn More?

Schedule time with a Customer Success Manager to explore Bushel Insights™.