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Bushel Quarterly Update Q1-24



We’re pleased to share with you the updates for this quarter, including key feature updates and other relevant news. This update is part of our ongoing commitment to improve and refine our products, ensuring they best meet your needs. Our team is dedicated to continuous development, guided by your feedback and the evolving demands of the digital landscape. 

Product Release Notes



Separated Delivery Tickets and Invoices into two separate features in the main menu

    • This makes it easier for you to locate specific records 
  • Added Invoice Payment Status
    • Now you can easily view which invoices are paid, unpaid, pending, or partially paid.
  • Added Invoice Filtering
    • Filter invoices by payment status, invoice issue date, invoice due date, and account ID
  • Now displaying Partial Payments on Invoices
  • Pay up to 50 invoices at a time (previously limited to 5) with Bushel Payments
  • Added Due Date as data point in list view of Invoices (formerly only in detail view)



Bushel Payment updates
  • Completed an enhanced Payments experience set to release in early Q2 2024 
  • Deferred Payments from Agribusiness to Farmer
    • Grain buyers can now defer settlements and one-time payments to farmers for a scheduled future date.


Scale Tickets

Scale Tickets
  • Scale Ticket PDF Generation
  • Added a filter preset for the previous calendar year



  • Added a filter preset for the previous calendar year


  • Added Settings page in the farmer-based experience of the web portal



    • This announcement highlights Bushel Wallet’s first integration for ag lenders, making it easier for agricultural financial institutions to meet their customers’ growing demand for a more digital experience. 
    • GROWERS will be integrating Bushel Wallet into its platform, significantly improving the purchasing experience for agricultural retailers and farmers. 
    • Ag retailers and farmers will benefit from more secure and convenient payments, leading to improved record-keeping and greater transparency in crop input purchases.

Corporate announcement

  • Bushel released its annual State of the Farm Report, sharing the voice of the U.S. farmer with preferences and opinions on farming practices, grain marketing strategies, and technology usage and perceptions.  Started in 2017, the Bushel State of the Farm Report is based on one of the largest farmer surveys in the industry. 


2024 Bushel Buddy Seat Conference: Join us in Fargo June 11-12 for networking, learning and more.