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Meet Our People

Leadership team

Randy Gerhold

Chief Technology Officer

Nathan Jennings

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Sharov

Chief Growth Officer

Kevin Donalds

Chief Financial Officer

230+ strong


Your people make you who you are

“The work is fast-paced and exciting, and the team we’ve built is intelligent and a lot of fun to work with.”


“It’s unreal how cool it is to be motivated everyday by everyone else’s work.”

-A #TeamBushel teammate, via Officevibe

Join Our Team


We are curious lifelong learners. We learn, move, and fail fast. We have a lot of grace. We are humble enough to ask obvious questions. We are curious enough to dig deeper into opposing ideas. We encourage initiative and trying new things.


We are empathetic to our teammates, customers, partners, and to the industry. We are inclusive; we build a longer table. We have integrity; we believe the right thing is the right thing to do.


We are teammates. Teammates who know one another, who understand one another, who work alongside one another. When we work as a team we will produce better results more consistently than when we work alone.

Building a great company takes trust, grace, curiosity, and perseverance. To fail fast, and succeed faster, we lean on the wisdom of industry renowned influencers.

Meet Our Advisors


Let's get to work.