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Bushel Products and Services

Tools to Help Grow Your Ag Business

Your success is the sole driver behind every tool and service that we offer. By working with us, you get a partner who:

  • Recommends the best tool based on your business goals
  • Builds the tools with minimal interruption to your business
  • Trains your team members to get them up to speed
  • Provides materials to help you recruit farmers
  • Supports you and your business well after the sale

Bushel Mobile™

Do more in a single app

Manage transactions and relay information straight to your farmer’s mobile device via Bushel Mobile and its admin tool.

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Bushel Website™

Create a convenient online presence

Build and host a website that shares need-to-know information about your company with your farmers.

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Bushel Fulfillment™

Simplify Business-to-Business Scale Tickets

Stop losing time from manually entering scale ticket information from the companies you sell grain to.

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Bushel Trade™

Streamline your merchandising process

Create and manage cash bids, offers and hedges within the same program.

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Bushel Farm™

Strengthen relationships with farmers

Collaborate on grain marketing, gather permissioned farm data

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Bushel Solutions™

Tools that fit like a work glove

We’ve created more than 600 custom tools that can help take on more specific jobs or tasks. Learn more about how we help you build, manage, and launch these customized solutions for your ag business.

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Bushel Custom Integrations and Partnerships

Connect with your customers, vendors, and farmers

Sometimes you’re not selling grain but still need to link grain supply chain information to your systems. Learn how we can share that information securely from your system to improve how you do business.

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Bushel Team with Bushel Inc team
Learn More About Bushel Inc.

It takes a crew to help clear the path for an ag business to succeed. Learn more about the company and people behind creating these products and services.

More About Bushel

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Resources to Help You Make the Best Choice

Feel more confident about the choice you’re making by browsing through a variety of helpful resources that we compiled together for you. Read blog articles, view customer testimonials, and watch videos to learn more.

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Contact Bushel Or Stay In Touch

Send us a demo request or your question to Bushel online. You can also sign up to receive the latest updates and news about tech tools for ag business.

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2024 Bushel Buddy Seat Conference: Join us in Fargo June 11-12 for networking, learning and more.