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Bushel Mobile

Make it easy to share key information from your business systems to your producers' mobile devices with Bushel Mobile™. Chat with an expert to learn more.

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What is Bushel Mobile?

Bushel Mobile is a customizable application that ag businesses can use to share important information and documents from an accounting system straight to their producers’ mobile devices.

Why Others Are Using Bushel Mobile

Grain merchandiser at work

For Managers

Streamline how producers do business with your organization and save time by quickly getting your staff and producers on the same page faster with Bushel Mobile.

Grain merchandiser discussing data with a customer

For Originators and Merchandisers

Spend less time answering clerical phone calls and get to the most important tasks faster. Start your next conversation with producers more informed to become their trusted partner.

How Bushel Mobile Works

First, the Bushel Admin Tool connects to your accounting systems, trading desks, market feeds, and cash bids and shares the relevant information to producers who downloaded your Bushel Mobile application.  From this admin tool, you can send notifications to them as well as statements, scale tickets, and contracts. And if you have the optional eSign feature, you can send documents to have them sign from their phone as well.

Features and Benefits of
Bushel Mobile

Each application comes with an admin tool, which powers all the features and capabilities of Bushel Mobile. With this complete system, you’re better equipped to handle all the challenges and opportunities that comes with working in the ag industry. The features included allow you to:

  • Easily manage cash bids
  • Quickly relay the right information to the right people
  • Make your company more convenient to do business with
  • Share sensitive accounting information through a secured channel

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Fast, Data-Based Grain
Buying Decisions

Currently available for Bushel Mobile, Bushel Insights provides
merchandisers and originators with easy analytical tools
to spot trends that impact your bottom line.

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New and Most-Used Features


Customized Branding

Customize your Bushel Mobile app to reflect your company’s brand, giving your company a professional-looking that stands out among others.

Digital scale tickets for outbound transactions on Bushel Mobile

Outbound Scale Tickets

Enhance your processing logistics with realtime access to outbound purchase and delivery information.

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Symbols for data security on Bushel Mobile applications for ag

Data Security

Safeguard your producers’ information and privacy with Bushel Mobile. We implement best practices in all our products to keep data from falling into the wrong hands.

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