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Digital Tools for Sustainability

Reduce the hassle of managing and measuring the success of your sustainability efforts.

Simplify How You Handle Sustainability Programs

Sustainability programs and initiatives are seen as essential for a sustainable future, balancing economic profitability with the health of the planet. For agribusinesses offering these programs, it is important to be working with farmers to help them balance profitability, ensuring their actions align with regulatory standards, and managing stakeholder expectations.

What they all have in common is the massive amounts of data entry and administrative tasks that come with them. We’re making it easier for everyone to improve their bottom line by making it easier for people to enroll in programs and reduce the hassle of documenting key information.

Spreadsheets and binders aren’t the answer.

Some of the biggest challenges to managing sustainability programs fall under the documentation and verification. You have the farmers excited, ready to enroll, but now facing manual enrollment, data collection, and organization processes. You are struggling managing the on-farm data in a single place.

Take advantage of opportunities to be rewarded.

With new initiatives such as the Section 45Z tax credits for sustainable fuel, it can be challenging knowing where to start. With the Bushel platform, you can easily connect on-field data to scale tickets and other delivery information. Learn more on our blog.

Look for what’s already out there

Today, you’re having to consolidate data from:

  • Paper forms
  • Spreadsheets
  • Machine-data files (e.g. John Deere Operations, Climate FieldView)

This means hundreds, perhaps thousands, of spreadsheets, paper forms, and siloed equipment data files must be gathered, organized, and submitted – a daunting task for sustainability directors and farming participants both.

Hand holding mobile device in a tractor cab.

Through our work the past five years digitizing, permissioning, and accelerating the flow of information throughout the agricultural supply chain, we’ve seen the potential to make processes such as these easier. This isn’t just about providing easy to use software on the farm, but being able to centralize, standardize and provide the ability to share with permissioned partners.

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Easy On-Farm Record Keeping

If you are managing an USDA Climate-Smart Commodity grant pilot project, you need to get farmers interested in participating. A key participation decision factor for the farmer is the ease or difficulty of a project’s requirement for capturing farm production records. Rather than using Climate-Smart funding to build an easy-to-use proprietary system to help farmers with the required record-keeping, owners of pilot projects can leverage Bushel’s widely-adopted farm management software. Bushel Farm™ digitizes and organizes operational and financial records at the farm, crop, and field level, including climate-smart farming practices (e.g. cover cropping, reduced tillage).

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Simple Program Enrollment

In addition to making it easy for farmers to track their production practices, Bushel Farm also makes it easy for them to share that information. Using a simple form created by Bushel, farmers can easily permission select farm records in Bushel Farm to be shared with their trusted partners. Once permissioned and submitted, the data is transmitted via API to the system of the farmer’s trusted partner – in this case, the Climate-Smart program’s project owner.

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Organized Grain Delivery Tracking

The Bushel Production API can provide data associated with grain delivered for a specific program. This can help organizations track the delivery of crops that were grown using climate-smart practices and ensure that the appropriate documentation is in place for program reporting and verification.

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Secure and Fast Payments

When it’s time to pay the farmer, a digital payment system can make the process faster, easier, secure, and more sustainable than cutting a paper check. Bushel Wallet digitizes the payment process and reduces the costs and environmental impacts associated with paper checks – no more printing and mailing for the payor and no more driving to deposit checks for the payee. Our Bushel Wallet Link API embeds the payment process into our customers’ digital tools.

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Available Existing Integrations

Bushel Farm already integrates with companies that are working on Climate-Smart agriculture programs. These existing integrations can help organizations access additional tools and data to support their Climate-Smart farming programs. If you are already partnering with these organizations, the enrollment process is even smoother.

Choose your own adventure.

Our professional services team can help organizations build out technologies to support their climate-smart farming programs and integrate with industry standards for data reporting and verification. This can help organizations ensure that they are collecting and reporting data accurately and efficiently. 


We'd love to chat and show you ways to engage farmers and get them enrolled in your sustainability program.

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