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Grain Buyers: Strengthen your relationship with your farmers

Bushel Farm: Farm Management Software 2.0

Think Bushel Farm is just for farmers? Think again. Check out all the details below.

Interested in learning more about how you can join the Bushel Network and/or provide Bushel Farm subscriptions to your farmers?

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Farmers, see what Bushel Farm can do for you

Bushel Farm for Farmers

With Bushel Farm, Grain Buyers Can…

Bushel Farm Contracts Connection Screen

Make your farmers’ lives easier by being part of the Bushel Network

  • Bushel Farm users can automate the entry of cash grain contracts with buyers in the Bushel Network – no more manual entry! Learn More.
  • With automated contracts, farmers can quickly access up-to-date marketing positions and profit & loss calculations.
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Know how much grain you can buy from farmers at what price, so you’re more efficient in your origination efforts.

When you provide Bushel Farm subscriptions to your farmers, they can…

  • Calculate their cost of production / breakeven in Bushel Farm.
  • Confidently give you firm offers for specific quantities at specific prices.
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Have a better understanding of grain supply in your draw area.

  • Working alongside farmers in Bushel Farm, you can collect accurate farm demographic data from (acres, crop rotations, on-farm storage capacity).
  • Need more details about how grain is produced? Your farmers can share digital production practice records from Bushel Farm.

Industry leading farm management software with 50,000+ users

“They are constantly looking for new ways to improve the program, and to help the farmer make their operation better and more profitable.”

– Denny T., Ohio farmer

“Best farm app hands down! The record keeping is awesome and to have a map of each field is great. Being able to upload yield maps and always have them in my pocket helps my operation!”

– randy S., south dakota farmer

“A tool like this is another opportunity to better inform my decision-making and increase the profitability of my farm.”

– tim b., michigan farmer

With Bushel Farm Your Farmers Can

Bushel Farm Contracts Connection Screen

View cash grain contracts, automate entry from buyers in Bushel Network

  • Organize and view all cash grain contracts in one location.
  • Reduce / eliminate manual entry; connect to grain buyers in the Bushel Network and automate entry of past and future contracts. Learn More.

View profit and loss down to the field level.

Analyze profit and loss at the farm, crop, or field level using powerful built-in P&L calculations.


Sell their grain with confidence.

  • Calculate cost of production
  • Know how many bushels are available to sell
  • Receive alerts when the market moves
Bushel Farm for Grain Elevators

Keep up with field conditions across their entire farm.

  • View / track rainfall
  • Growing degree days and satellite imagery
  • Enter scouting data

Quickly share select information with industry partners and trusted advisors.

Ready to be more efficient in your origination?

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2024 Bushel Buddy Seat Conference: Join us in Fargo June 11-12 for networking, learning and more.