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Bushel Trade

Bushel Trade™ is an all-in-one solution for creating and managing cash bids, offers, and hedges.

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What Is Bushel Trade?

Bushel Trade is a paperless cash bid and offer management system that fits ag businesses of all sizes. Use it to manage cash bids, offers, and hedging as well as updating your Bushel Mobile™ app or Bushel Website™.

Why Others Use Bushel Trade

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For Managers

Simplifying processes and reducing risk are some of the biggest concerns facing your merchandising teams. These mitigations are even more important in volatile markets; when the stakes are high, so too is the room for error.

Bushel Trade helps eliminate risks like slippage, error points, double-entry, and lost or missed orders. Your team operates with more confidence and efficiency, empowering employees to focus on new opportunities.

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For Merchandisers and Originators

Your days are busy enough as it is. Who has the time to log into multiple systems, reference paper order books, or update disparate spreadsheets?

Bushel Trade consolidates the information you need into a single, secure platform that ties you and your producers to the futures market. Manage your offers, cash bids, and hedges while reducing slippage and eliminating lost or missed opportunities.

How Bushel Trade Works

Sign into Bushel trade and access the industry’s most advanced risk management and trading toolset. The days of switching screens are over. Bushel Trade provides one-stop-shop management of your cash bids, offers, and hedging strategies that can accommodate any FCM.

Features and Benefits of Bushel Trade

From a single platform, Bushel Trade strengthens business relationships between you and your producers with transparent, efficient, and streamlined workflows. By ensuring you never miss or fat-finger an offer (and have a digital paper trail to confirm it), you increase procurement opportunities while reducing paperwork.
With Bushel Trade you:

  • Protect your position with risk management tools
  • Manage futures contracts automatically
  • Build trust and convenience with your producers

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Simplify How You Receive and Manage Offers From Producers.

The mobile offers feature of Bushel Trade makes it easy to receive and manage incoming offers from a Bushel Mobile application.

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New and Most-Used Features


Zero-Touch Offer Adjustments

Worry-free cash bid management means you never have to think about missing an offer or a fill. Bushel Trade automatically adjusts all working offers on the fly when your cash bids change, so you don’t have to update them manually.

Protection from Slippage

Never forget an offer or miss a trade. Bushel Trade’s easy to manage cash bids and offer features have safeguards in place to protect your team and customers from the insufficiencies of inferior platforms.

Increase Time Savings & Business Opportunities

By streamlining merchandiser workflows, Bushel Trade slashes tedious administrative work and frees your team to do the job you hired them for: cultivate high-value relationships to bring more business to your door.

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Bushel Mobile

Allow your producers to view their working offers right from their mobile device.

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Bushel Website

Manage your cash bids in Bushel Trade and publish them to your Bushel website in just a few clicks.

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