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Farmer Adoption

Getting Farmers on Board with a New Digital Experience

Let’s ditch that stereotype of a tech-averse farmer

“I am not sure if my farmers will use an app,” is a common sentiment that we hear from potential customers. Negative assumptions regarding the aging farming demographic and technology adoption have pervaded the digital landscape (or lack thereof). Here at Bushel, however, we have some customers boasting farmer adoption north of 90%. We believe (and have proven) that if you give a farmer a valuable tool, they’re going to use it.


active monthly growers


Average grower adoption of Bushel Mobile at each grain facility


of eSign contracts sent via bushel mobile™ are signed digitally


Actions to ensure adoption

The Bushel team works closely with you to get you set up and successful on Bushel products. You’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager that hosts training sessions with your staff and do regular check-ins to make sure you’re getting the most out of the products.

Additionally, when your app is live, we help you get the word out to your growers with the complimentary marketing kit, branded to you.


of customers with greater than 40% adoption


of customers with greater than 20% adoption

image of a circle with 42 percent in the middle

of all grain transactions from elevators that use Bushel Trade™ come directly from the growers through their Bushel Powered App

Other ways to ensure success

  • The use of eSign
  • The use of notifications
  • Using our analytics and user management tools to reach out and help customers when needed
  • Use of mobile offer entry
  • Use Bushel Payments
  • Including Bushel CSM team in grower meetings
  • Social media marketing efforts

How We Can Help

Our goal is to make the lives of our customers a little easier. That is why the Bushel team is there to help with every step along the way of the customer journey.
  • Our implementation team: takes our new customers through the onboarding process.
  • Our customer success team: works with our customers to get the most value out of the Bushel platform.
  • The customer support team is always there to answer any questions or concerns and make sure products are working properly.

In the 2021 State of Farm Survey, Bushel found that 59% of growers use a combination of technologies as part of their farm’s tech stack, up 5% from the year prior.


Let’s visit and see how Bushel’s productivity tools can solve your unique pain points

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