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Animal Health International


A multi-year engagement with its own dedicated team and our first-ever architecture only consulting contract. We are discovering and implementing solutions in inventory management, tracking, and logistics.

Overhaul all of the systems, from the ground up.

Over the years, Animal Health International has been working on an overhaul of many of their systems. Professional Services by Bushel has created a suite of applications that are each unique in their function, but cohesive as a brand.

Image of phone screen displaying data


The Professional Services team partnered with one of the largest leaders in the animal health industry, Animal Health International, to create an app for pen-riders to know the wellbeing of their cows immediately. With a vision of an overall technology update, this partnership is in it for the long run.

Working with such a large company meant integrating into all existing technology––even individual databases. Innovative back-end architecture and heavy frameworking resulted in an extremely technically complex project.


Updating and envisioning the next steps in tech for Animal Health is where our partnership is heading next. We’re in it for the long haul to keep tech fresh and animals healthy.

pen rider
  • Video / Image reading
  • Real-time diagnosis
  • Respondent treatment suggestions
truck systems
  • Build loads
  • Load Feed
  • Feed Capture
  • Return fed amounts/scale readings
  • Treatment history
  • Viewing animal data
  • Creating and posting treatments
  • Posting Go Homes for animals