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Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative

It’s no secret that sugar beets are a crop that have a lot of risks

When harvested, sugar beets are placed in piles. During this time, a steady temperature level must exist for the crop to stay usable. This temperature is important because of spoilage. When sugar beets spoil, bacteria eats the sugar as food. This is problematic as farmers lose out on selling those spoiled beets, therefore losing revenue. 

Peace of mind, always

Millions of dollars are on the line for growers if something as simple as a warm pile-up of beets occurs. Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative sought out a way to better equip their growers for any problem on the farm, and supply them with a new type of defense: a mobile app.

Moving in this direction meant teaming up with the Professional Services by Bushel team. Together, Minn-Dak and the Professional Services by Bushel team blue printed how to make sugar beet harvest smarter, and more profitable.

Image of phone screen displaying field data

Through consulting sessions consisting of elimination and suggestion, an outlined roadmap came to be, with Minn-Dak’s growers as the focal point.

With Professional Service’s extensive iOS development experience, Minn-Dak received a mobile app that streamlined crucial data for its growers. This data includes real-time scale tickets, truckload tracking, and weight data. The final features chosen were selected due to their importance in the process that leads to a successful sugar beet corp and delivery system.


Reaching beyond the initial problem of sugar beet temperature management, this app brought real-time scale tickets, truckload tracking, and weight data to its users. Growers have been given the knowledge they need, with the peace of mind they want.

With development, design, strategy, QA, and more, implementation of Minn-Dak’s mobile app for Android & iOS came to life. Within development, our team sought out the most important, desired, and functional features growers should have. Implementing real-time information meant that every piece of data available to the growers is as up to date and precise as possible.  

Image of farmer in a field

100% adoption rate amongst Minn-Dak growers

The easy to use factor of the app, and useful information provided has prompted a 100% adoption rate amongst Minn-Dak growers.

This success has prompted a continuous partnership between the Professional Services team and Minn-Dak.

Additional iterations to the Minn-Dak mobile app only entails better, smarter features for the growers Minn-Dak serves.

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