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by Lindsay Corporation

According to the USDA, “agriculture accounts for approximately 80% of the nation’s consumptive water use.” That statistic, in conjunction with the pressing limited resources of today’s age, demands conservation to be at the forefront of the industry.

Major ag player, Lindsay Corporation, heeds this calling by finding ways to make the most intelligent irrigation systems for its customers.

Smart & simple irrigation management

While having an existing platform for its line of technologies, the Lindsay Corporation was looking for a revamp–– especially in the design of the technology.

These needs added up to the partnership with Professional Services by Bushel. With award-winning UX/UI designers on staff, in tandem with highly experienced engineers, the Professional Services team was the right fit to take on Lindsay’s project.

Together, the next phase of irrigation was envisioned.

The answer is “App”

The end game of the FieldNET project was to provide a native app for Lindsay farmers that provides control of individual farmers’ irrigation systems.

To make this happen, the Professional Services by Bushel development team needed to integrate the cloud based data from a mobile app to the hardware in the irrigation systems. Making these systems talk to each other is how the app would control the irrigation systems.


The FieldNET app teams the functionalities needed to control the irrigation systems with additional farmer friendly commands.

These features include:

  •  Auto-restart and auto-reverse
  • End gun controls
  • Aerial views
  • Updated search tools for equipment and groups
  • Multiple pivot shut down
  • Circle time view
  • Push notifications
  • “One-touch” demo command
Image of phone screen displaying weather data

With Professional Services deep rooted experience in agriculture and software and Lindsay Corporation’s vision, an intuitive and highly powerful mobile app was delivered for Lindsay’s farmers.

Now, irrigation management for these farmers means only a few taps of buttons.

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