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Mobile Offers for
Bushel Trade and Bushel Mobile

Easily Review, Accept Offers from your Producers’ Mobile Devices.

Mobile offers is a feature gained by having the Bushel Trade tool and the Bushel Mobile application. This feature allows your producers to make offers through your company’s Bushel Mobile application and gives your team the ability to view, accept or decline those offers within Bushel Trade. Watch the overview video to learn more about mobile offers.

What You Gain With Mobile Offers


Increased Convenience

Rather than making an offer over the phone or in person, producers are able to view cash bids and make offers on their smartphone. This let’s them skip the line, getting their offers in quickly and outside of business hours.


Time Savings

Reviewing and deciding offers online is much more efficient than over a phone call or in person. Mobile offers also help your team save time, which can be used to find more competitive offers or focus on other big tasks for that day.


Greater Flexibility

Whether producers are working through Bushel Mobile or contacting their grain buyer directly, all offer information still links through Bushel Trade and shows up within the Bushel Mobile application. This allows producers to make and manage offers outside of office hours, when it’s most convenient for them.


Reduced Risk of Errors

Built-in confirmation step within the Bushel Mobile application helps producers and originators ensure their offers are entered correctly. Producers can also withdraw any pending offers if they spot any incorrect information. Originators and merchandisers can verify offer information in Bushel Trade.

How Mobile Offers Work

Mobile offers work via a secured link between a Bushel Mobile application and Bushel Trade. Here is how the process flows from your standpoint.

  • Within Bushel Mobile, a producer reviews cash bids for a specific location, such as a grain elevator, and selects “Make Offer” on a bid.
  • Producer enters the offer type (cash, HTA, basis or flat), quantity, price and any additional notes for that location’s originator or merchandiser.
  • Producer confirms order and submits it to the facility.
  • Offer arrives into the location’s Bushel Trade offer management system, where merchandisers and originators can review it. They can also choose to activate or hedge offers automatically.
  • Producer receives notifications when their order is active, working, or when it is filled.
  • Producer receives and signs eSign electronic contract to confirm the transaction.

What else can you do with Bushel Trade?

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