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eSign for
Bushel Mobile

Collect Electronic Signatures for Contracts

eSign™ is an optional feature for Bushel Mobile™ that allows you to have producers sign important documents from their mobile device. This saves you the hassle of driving out to the field or asking your producer to make a special trip to your location. Plus it shows producers how you’re making it more convenient for them to do business with you.

Bushel Mobile esign devices

Make it easier to collect signatures.

Everyone knows how much of a hassle it can be to collect signatures on a contract. To get a signature, sometimes you either have to drive out to the field to meet the producer, or the producer has to make a trip to your location. With eSign and Bushel Mobile, you can have your producer sign their contract without ever leaving the cab of their vehicle.

How eSign, Bushel Mobile, and Bushel Admin Tool work together.

Collecting a signature is simple with eSign, Bushel Mobile, and the Bushel Admin Tool.

Upload the unsigned document to the admin tool and select the producer who needs to sign it.

Then hit send.

After receiving it on your Bushel Mobile app, the producer signs the document using their mobile device’s touch screen and sends it back.

What else can you do with Bushel Mobile?

eSign is one of Bushel Mobile’s many features. View the entire list of features to see what other jobs that it can help you tackle.

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