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The Originator's Package

Graphic with quote: A lot of our offers and payment requests come in via Snapchat

An Inefficient Workflow

How many tools do you use to publish bids, manage offers, execute contracts, and pay your growers?

What if you didn’t have to enter everything separately?

Check out the Originator’s Package, where you can streamline your origination workflow from cash bids to offers, contracts, and payments.

More offers, more bushels

  • Less manual entry → more time
  • More time → more offers
  • More offers → more bushels

Our tools get you more offers, straight from the farmer’s cab, day or night.

Giving your growers tools they need to sell you more bushels

Two farmers outside, one is holding a mobile device.
What your growers get
  • Cash Bids
  • Futures
  • Scale Tickets
  • Contracts
  • Settlements*
  • Invoices*
  • Web + Mobile Access
  • Make An Offer
  • E-Sign
  • Payments

*Available on some ERPs

What you get
  • Manage offers in real-time
  • Send and receive contracts with eSign
  • Send push notifications
  • Pay your growers digitally
  • Publish cash bids to web and mobile simultaneously

The Originator's Package

Visit with your Bushel representative to learn how you can maximize your origination workflow.

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