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Grain Facilities

It’s a different world out there for grain facilities. What used to be a standardized exchange between facilities and the growers they do business with, has morphed into a convoluted process with threats of independent networks, discouraging trade markets, and unintelligent technology that’s supposed to make operations easier.

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Bushel is providing tools for grain facilities to pave a path for clear, simple, and elevated business with facilities’ producers. With elevator branded Bushel-powered apps, grain facilities are at the forefront of their customers minds, all while equipping them with the crucial business information they need. In addition, Bushel aims to give grain facilities the tools that give them a competitive advantage to be able to protect themselves against the numerous threats that have emerged over time.

With the right, useful technology, we believe grain facilities will be able to elevate their roles from maintaining clerical work to the business partner and advisor for their producers.

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By participating in platform research surveys, our Bushel-powered grain facilities are providing insight on what features we should roll out next, or what part of the industry should we look to build towards.

The Bushel team is just a skip and a hop away from our grain facilities as we join grower meetings, on site platform training, state grain and feed conventions, and industry trade shows. Because we view our customers as teammates, we remain in constant contact with our grain facilities and seek out their advice on what actually makes sense to better serve them. Additionally, each grain facility is paired with one designated Customer Success Manager, so that they may always have a familiar face to turn to for anything.

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