Unlocking the Next Era of Agribusiness Management

Grain and ag retail staff are running blind without origination, sales enablement, and workflow automation tools to grow their business and better inform their farmers. Farmers are hesitant to buy inputs, submit offers, and forward contract grain because they don’t know their breakeven. 

Bushel enables agribusiness teams with integrated software solutions that empower staff members and farmers to make timely, profitable decisions.

Manage farmer relationships

  • Increase sales opportunities
  • Streamline farmer relationship management
  • Identify customer insights across teams

Unsecured spreadsheets, retained information in staff members’ heads, and undocumented engagements are not effective for maintaining business relationships today. Agribusinesses need a simplified, centralized way to manage customer relationships. 

Optimize your farmer-customer experience

  • Stay top-of-mind with your customers
  • Allow 24/7 access to customer account information
  • Provide a secure way to share important customer information

Customer account questions start before 8 a.m. and keep going after 5 p.m. – and customers need answers NOW. Grain buyers and ag retailers need a way to provide their farmer-customers with easy, secure access to their accounts.

Enable digital payments

  • Use a single payment solution across your agribusiness
  • Expand ag lending portfolios
  • Mitigate business risk associated with financial fraud trends

A generational shift is happening in agricultural payments management. The next generation of agribusiness professionals and farmers are leaving behind antiquated payments management practices and demanding digital, secure payments solutions.

Manage grain origination & hedge risk

  • Update cash bids across platforms
  • Manage grain offers
  • Avoid negative slippage

Post-it notes, paper ledgers, and spreadsheets aren’t cutting it. The grain industry cannot afford to continue managing bids, offers, and hedges the old way.

Streamline Execution of Commercial Truck Grain Sales

  • Decrease rejected loads, optimize blending
  • Reduce contract overruns or shortages
  • Accelerate ticket reconciliation and settlement

A delay between a truck’s arrival at a sales destination and receipt of a scale ticket for that shipment can be costly. Quality issues, contract overruns or shortages, and missing tickets result in reduced margins, unproductive work for your team, and unhappy farmers and truckers waiting on delayed settlements and payments.

Increase collaboration with farmers

  • Secure more grain offers
  • Deploy programs that require traceability
  • Deliver scalable marketing or advisory services

Creating closer and more collaborative relationships with farmers can be tricky due to communication differences, varying comfort with technology, privacy worries, and building trust. It also takes time and resources. 

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