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Farmers: Make the best operational and financial decisions using automated, data-driven insights.

Bushel Farm: Farm Management Software 2.0

Bushel Farm gives farmers a ground-level and big picture view of their farm’s operational and financial performance, while simultaneously reducing or eliminating the time required to enter cash grain contracts and field activities.

  • Reduces the pain of manual entry: Most automated farm management software available with exclusive connections to grain buyers in the Bushel Network, as well as connectivity to John Deere Operations Center and Climate FieldView
  • Provides access to farm records – anytime, anywhere: Field maps, rainfall and satellite imagery, scouting notes, equipment, activities and inputs, grain sales and inventories, land agreements, work orders, and more
  • Generates insights for decision-making and sharing with trusted partners: Cost of production, marketing position, and profit & loss at the farm, crop, and field level

Bushel Farm is available on desktop and both Android and Apple devices.

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Grain buyers, see the benefits of offering Bushel Farm to your farmers

Bushel Farm for Grain Buyers

With Bushel Farm, Farmers Can…

Contracts Mobile & Desktop

View cash grain contracts, automate entry from buyers in Bushel Network

  • Organize and view all cash grain contracts in one location.
  • Reduce / eliminate manual entry; connect to grain buyers in the Bushel Network and automate entry of past and future contracts.  Learn More.

Want to nudge your grain buyer to join the Bushel Network? Click Here.

Bushel Farm Profit & Loss Device Mockup

View profit and loss down to the field level.

Analyze profit and loss for your farm, crops, or fields using powerful built-in P&L calculations.

Keep up with field conditions across your entire farm.

View / track rainfall, growing degree days, and satellite imagery; Enter scouting data


Sell your grain into the best markets with confidence.

  • Calculate cost of production / breakeven
  • Know how many bushels are available to sell
  • Identify when and where to get the best price
  • Receive market alerts
Bushel Farm Connections in Settings

Spend less time entering data.

Import data from:

  • John Deere Operations Center™ (activities & inputs)
  • Climate FieldView® (activities & inputs)
  • Bushel – Grain Buyers in the Bushel Network (cash grain contracts)

Quickly share select information with industry partners and trusted advisors.


Easily assign work and coordinate with members of your farm team.

Assign, monitor, and update work orders to your team.

“I know what my costs are down to the field level. No more educated guesses. And that helps me do a better job of managing our farm.”

– Alex g., Minnesota Farmer

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