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The Arthur Companies Testimonial

The Partnership

With the growing demand for a stronger digital footprint for the Arthur Companies producers and elevators, The Arthur Companies partnered with Bushel to utilize the Bushel platform. This allowed the Arthur Companies to provide their customers with the digital tools and information in an easy to use app, allowing them to free up valuable time for their network.

Their Opportunity

The Arthur Companies have felt the strain of a lack of digitalization throughout the agricultural industry.  Instead of seeing this as a drawback, The Arthur Companies realized the need that their customers had, and set out to find a solution.

Enter Bushel.

The Solution

The disconnect of Ag technologies with the data they store has created silos of information that are not easily accessible for those who need it most–such as the producers it belongs to.

When the Arthur Companies partnered with Bushel, they gained the ability to easily connect the once isolated information from their producers. The Producers in turn were able to have access to real-time information which helps them to make better business decisions.

Their Results

The Arthur Companies utilizing the Bushel platform, have enabled integration with leading, modern agriculture cooperative accounting systems. Arthur Companies’ Bushel Mobile app delivers real-time scale tickets, contracts, commodity balances, futures, prepaids, and cash bids, all through the branding and look of The Arthur Companies. With company personalization, The Arthur Companies is able to connect closer with its growers, while being recognized as a market leader.


  • Since app deployment in 2016, The Arthur Companies hails 97% of total growers logged into The Arthur Companies’ app.


  • The Arthur Companies’ growers are spending 1 minute and 44 seconds on average per session. This statistic speaks towards the captivation of the data inside their app, and how growers are putting in a notable amount of time each time they are in the app to interact with this information.
  • On average, Bushel-powered producers use their app 12 sessions per month, or about every other day.

“Innovation has always been a part of the farming culture. Everyone has a phone, more and more people are doing business on the phone. We have to make sure we’re staying on top of that to provide that to our customers.”

John Melland, CFO, THe arthur companies  


The Arthur Companies were able to find a way to help both producers and elevators work together faster and more efficiently through Bushel Mobile The Arthur Companies are looking to the future, and to what changes in the industry are coming on the horizon. The digitization of information and communications is a welcome update to lost paperwork and missed opportunities. By investing in giving their network a strong digital footprint now, they will be able to show lead the way into the digitally connected future of the industry.

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