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New Improvement: Smarter Contract Viewing

Better access to contract information to help inform your business decisions. 


In the latest update, we’re enhancing how originators and growers interact with important contract information. Two improvements to the Canceled Quantity and Contract Status types provide richer contextual data of the grower’s contract status. Here’s how they work:


Cancelled Quantity/Contract Status FAQ

What’s the difference in contract status types?

Here’s a list of the different contract status definitions:

Unpriced = Filled, not fully priced
Unfilled = Fully priced, not filled
Open = Both unfilled and unpriced
Closed = Filled and priced

Will I be able to see Canceled Amounts in my Bushel Admin?

Yes. In addition, you’ll also see the original Contract Amount and the Quantity Applied (bushels delivered) to that value in the Contracts Detail page. 

Where is the Canceled Quantity amount displayed?

If a canceled contract exists, the value of that contract will display next to the associated account name. If there is no canceled contract, no information will shown.

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