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Contract Amendments

Enable your growers to see the pricing history of the parent contract


The marketing tools available to maximize profits are as diverse as the growers who use them. Depending on what marketing approach they pursue, the final contract price may not be reflected when that contract is initially created – amendments are required to update the pricing terms.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your growers could see an account of those adjustments?


Now they can. Located in the contract detail screen underneath the parent contract, pricing amendments offer an improved view of a contract’s lifecycle. They give growers a more accurate representation of their contract’s value by displaying the following info:

We’re pleased to enhance your growers’ mobile experience with this important update.


Mobile Screen w/Contract Amendments

Contract Amendments FAQ

Why are there blank values (Futures Price, Basis, Cash Price) underneath the parent contract?

This is due to certain digital infrastructure limitations that affect customers who utilize older versions of our API. We’re not able to remove these fields at the time. Pricing information is still available in the Pricing Amendment area.

Can I keep my current contract experience and not include Contract Amendments?

No – this is a required update. Contract Amendments will go into effect on <specific date> for all our customers on Agris.

Can Contract Amendments be exported?

At this time, exporting Contract Amendments is not supported. Exporting Contract Amendments will be a future enhancement.

Do Contract Amendments display amendments that are canceled?

No – Contract Amendments only pull non-canceled amendments. Amendments are displayed only if there is more than one non-canceled amendment. Canceled quantities will be visible in the parent contract section when canceled bushels are present.

Can Contract Amendments be viewed in the Bushel admin portal?

Yes. Contract Amendments can be found in the data viewer by selecting the contracts feature.

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