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Bushel Adds Vice President of Human Resources

We look out at this industry that we already love, and see a goldmine of opportunity utilizing the skills we already have. We’re moving quickly, but with great deliberation and strategy, building a lean and efficient workforce that delivers world class products. We are one of the largest agtech teams in the US. Part of growing means bringing in a Vice President of Human Resources. Someone with a diversity of experiences in business and people. Someone who sees the value of what we’re doing and is ready to help provide the guide rails that’s going to help us propel is the smartest way possible. Someone that is willing to check in on all of our teams and keep us accountable to continue to remain curious, empathetic and keep up our camaraderie.

We are excited to announce the addition of Mandie Begin as our new Vice President of Human Resources. She has experiences from a wide variety of companies – everything from technology to construction to media.


Here’s a quick Q&A with Mandie to get to know her:

What have you seen at Bushel that is different from other workplaces? 

It has been incredible to meet with so many excited, passionate individuals truly believing in their mission. Bushel is working on such incredible things helping the agriculture supply chain and the whole team is on the bus ready to go. Watching the demos of what our team is working on, I’m just blown away how smart, creative and innovative our teams are.

What are the biggest opportunities we have as the Bushel Team? 

As we continue to grow and want to bring in the best talent, we’re going to be bringing on individuals with different backgrounds, different locations and different skill sets. This diversity is going to give wider perspectives to all of us and create a more robust team.

We just hired a full-time Learning & Development Specialist and that’s going to bring more intentionality to how we develop our team. Bushel already has done such a great job organically through experiences and building Team IQ, but providing that focus will really help everyone level up on what they are working on.


Random but how do you pronounce your last name? 

  • Good question. I get ‘begin’ like it reads, and beg-in like the dog treats, but how you actually say it is “Beige-in” like the color.

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