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Supporting our customers for success: Changes to our Customer Success and Implementation Teams

At Bushel, our solutions are more than just the technology we’ve deployed. It’s the customer experience and focus to set up our agribusiness clients with what they need to get growers digitally engaged with them. Customer experience here at Bushel is about finding new and innovative ways to communicate and engage our clients – not just as a contract is signed, but throughout the year. We saw opportunities to make our customer experience better and provide growing opportunities for our team to continue to help you be even better in deploying tools to engage with your growers. 

benny andres, vp of customer experience

Benny Andres has been promoted to Vice President of Customer Experience. Benny started at Bushel in January 2020 as the Director of Customer Experience, a position that he has continued to serve in since his inception into the organization. From day one, his positive attitude and get-it-done work ethic have made a positive impact within the organization, and continues to serve as a model for his peers. 

When Benny took the helm of the Customer Experience department, we had four Customer Success Managers and four support team members. Today, Benny is responsible for the Customer Success, Implementation, and Support teams. He went from a team of eight across two departments, to a team of 23 across three departments. Benny’s teams are consistently some of the highest engaged teams (according to Officevibe…and observationally via Slack!). 

We recently hired a new Manager of Customer Success, Jamie Tait, to focus on growing the talent, skills and camaraderie of our awesome customer success team. In addition, Kellie Livernois of the FarmLogs team is focusing on customer success for our growing number of FarmLogs customers.

Another important part of the customer experience journey is how we work with you to implement the Bushel platform to your existing technology stack. New tools and changes can be scary, but we are with you right at the beginning to make sure you have a great foundation to provide a great digital experience to your growers. 

We are renaming our onboarding/integrations team to the Implementation Team and asked Jordan Jeromchek to become the Manager of Implementation & Support. Jordan has been with Bushel for over two years and has proven to be a strong leader of our Integrations Coordinator team. Jordan has helped build and refine the Bushel Mobile™ integrations process to be a world-class customer experience. We will also be merging our Implementation and Support Teams. The implementation and support tools, processes, and functions are very similar and we are excited for the shared knowledge, learning, and collaboration that will occur by putting these teams under one umbrella.

While Bushel continues to build out its platform and serve more customers than ever before, what remains true is our customer-centricity. Growers, originators, retailers and all of those in agribusinesses are more than clients. They are our friends, family, and communities, and we look forward to continuing to help all of us more forward to a better digital infrastructure.

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