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Bushel + Roger: Open Platform Announcement

Read the full press release here. 

As you may remember, in April 2020 Bushel announced that we were one of six charter members in Roger, an independent technology solution for the dry bulk freight industry. The six initial charter members included The Andersons Inc., Bushel, Cargill, Consolidated Grain and Barge Co., Koch Fertilizer, and The Scoular Company. The charter members funded the independent entity and pooled our expertise to build a common solution for the industry that would open market access and digitize supply chains.

It was announced today that Roger has opened its ecosystem to give all dry bulk truck shippers and carriers access to its suite of cost-saving, revenue-generating products. Roger offers efficiency-focused features like smart deal-making, digital ticket capture, integrated settlement and payment submission, and hyperaccurate GPS load tracking.

The team here at Bushel is excited by the news that Roger is now widely available in the marketplace and we wanted to make sure that you are aware of this exciting new technology solution for the dry bulk freight industry. We believe strongly in the value provided in these modern digital tools for shippers and carriers. It’s one more example of Bushel’s dedication towards the collaboration and simplification of the agtech landscape and one more example of how we can continue to serve you.

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