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Technology to Power Your Grain Operations and Your Growers

The Face of Ag Today 

Grain facilities are struggling with margin and profitability, retaining growers, acquiring new growers, and a shrinking labor force. The next generation of growers will be the most connected, and most distracted, this world has ever seen.

Growers cannot afford to be loyal; they need to be profitable.

Current statistics of ag and technology:

Addictive Technology

    • 87% of farmers own a smartphone
    • Smartphone users open their phones 150 times/day, touching it over 2600 times
    • 66% of smartphone users admit they’re addicted
    • In the next 5 years, 80% of internet activity will come from phones

The State of Agriculture

    • Farm bankruptcies are up 24%, leading to more retirements and consolidation
    • International competition is cutting into the U.S. market share
    • Two-thirds of beginning farmers hold off-the-field jobs
    • 99% of growers do not have a marketing strategy, with disruptors getting their attention

Though significantly smaller than an acre of land, the smartphone screen is an incredibly valuable piece of real estate, especially with your current and future customers.

You can’t afford not to be there.

Image of phone screen displaying ticket data on app

The Bushel Platform

Making simple and clear business between grain facilities and their growers.

Here’s how:

One Step At A Time

Choosing a new technology for your business has been a traditionally laborious and slow-moving decision in the industry. Here are some steps Bushel is making to ensure a smoother transition.

In it for the long haul

The beauty of a platform, like Bushel, is that it continues to evolve and improve (the product doesn’t collect dust). There are continuous iterations, ever-increasing value, and thoughtful, customer-driven roadmaps to align future strategies.

With the Bushel platform, you’re investing in tools designed to grow with your operation into the future.

Edging the competition 

Bushel is a technology company first. This is how we are creating better, smarter, and newer technologies from what’s out there –– because it’s innately what we do best.

Your Growers Are Your Business

We do what we do at Bushel to enhance the relationship between you and your growers. We recognize the importance of your operation and the distinct business relationships you have with your growers.

This is why we ensure once you’re onboard the platform, our team is with you the entire way.

Your marketing team

After your Bushel-powered app goes live, our team provides complimentary marketing deployment materials to expand the presence of your app. Your growers are hearing your facility’s name over and over, while given helpful resources to get them officially logged into your app. We take the load off your shoulders that is getting your growers connected to their information.  

Support, Support, Support

There’s no better way to show your growers you’re there for them by setting them up for success with resources.

Bushel’s support team is a dynamic resource of actual humans responding to troubleshooting of any kind.

Know that when you’re with Bushel, you’re being taken care of at all points of your journey with us.

Let's Talk $$

It’s the elephant in the room for any new investment in your company. As for all business exchanges, it’s about value. With the Bushel platform providing an array of useful tools, there are multiple ways to build the value of the platform specific to the way that you and your team do business. 

Image of value = benefits/cost

Scalable pricing model

Bushel understands that not all grain handling companies are created equal.  Our goal is to help organizations big and small stay ahead of the technology curve.

Value of time

Reclaiming lost time is a pillar of Bushel’s goals. Do you want high dollar employees answering low dollar questions? By providing your growers the important data they need to make decisions, it allows your team to go from fielding information-gathering phone calls from your growers, to being able to communicate with those growers about a plan around the data they have in front of them. 

Cost consolidation

Market feeds, website hosting, online access, offer system and more all coming from different vendors?  With the Bushel platform, we can consolidate many of the tools you’re already or are considering using, into one easy to manage and highly efficient platform.

By taking some time to discuss everything Bushel can assist with, you may find that by eliminating multiple vendor payments, moving to Bushel more affordable than imagined.

Powering Possibilities

Imagine a world where you can give your growers a virtual grain marketing seminar through their mobile device.

Mountain View Coop in Montana did. Their Bushel-powered app allows them to educate their growers through virtual meetings, facilitated by notifications sent directly to a grower’s phone

Imagine a world where you are fielding 50% less phone calls and doing 50% less clerical work.

HighLine Grain in Washington did. Their Bushel-powered app gives their growers access to their account information 24/7. Fewer clerical calls allowed more time to focus on grain marketing strategies for growers.

Imagine a world where 100% of your growers are using your Bushel-powered app.

Scoular’s Pratt, Kansas, location is living that reality. 100% of growers who do business at that location are engaging with their Bushel-powered app. That means Scoular has 24/7 access to their growers through their mobile device.

Your Solution Is Here

Providing growers a way to do business with you through their mobile phone is not a luxury – it’s an inevitability.

Ready to start powering your own operation’s possibilities?

Get a free Bushel-powered app demo today.

2024 Bushel Buddy Seat Conference: Join us in Fargo June 11-12 for networking, learning and more.