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Bushel’s 2nd Birthday


They say the “terrible twos” are bound to happen.


Like any starting company, Bushel had its fair share of growing pains during its start. However, with the addition of better processes and the right team, Bushel is here today celebrating not those terrible twos, but rather the terrific twos.

Here is our story of first steps, tasting success, and discovering what’s next. 

2017- From the top

The Bushel team, 2017


Beginning in 2017, Bushel’s origin came into place. With a proof of concept app for a local grain facility, we tested the feasibility of providing real-time scale ticket information for growers. Finding success, we knew we were onto something big.

From the scale ticket app, we began fostering our work on a platform. Reiteration after reiteration, the Bushel-powered app came to life as the first automated software platform providing scale tickets, contracts, cash bids, and more. With a road map in place, Bushel expanded its offerings to eSign, commodity balances, partnerships, and web offerings.  

2018- Figuring it out

The Bushel team, 2018

A year later in 2018, Bushel gained traction to serve 1000+ live grain receiving locations and 70+ customers. 

Now, in 2019 and two years old, Bushel is facing huge changes that will be key in pursuing our mission to be the industry data standardizer. Multiple sectors of the company will come into formation in order scale the needs of the industry. 

Today- Full steam ahead

The Bushel team, 2019 (it’s getting tough to capture everyone in one photo!)

What began as a “proof of concept” for a scale ticket app, brought a robust platform and the eventual consolidation of our previous parent company to Bushel.

In the past two years, our staff has grown immensely– 40 team members to the 130 staffed today. While the growth has been a large change in our organization, our goal remains the same; to continue stitching the holes left in the disparate systems of the industry. 

Each day of our two years in existence, we have been rewarded with the opportunity to serve the people of agriculture. We look forward to serving these hard-working agriculturists for years to come. 


Now, with our “terrific twos” marking our path, we’re just getting startedHappy 2nd birthday, Bushel!


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