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Announcing Solutions By Bushel, a Division of Bushel

We are excited to announce a branding change coming to Bushel’s parent company, Myriad Mobile. The parent software company built over the last eight years has strengthened through change: name change, industry involvement, focus, and an ever-changing office arrangement. We love and hate it, but change has kept us nimble, adaptable, and flexible for opportunity.

Change allowed us to build the product now known as Bushel-powered apps three years ago. During this time, our custom solutions work continued to thrive, and the two sides of the business allowed us to have arms and legs into the agriculture industry with technical and industry domain expertise little seen before.

Due to strong market position and brand awareness, we are folding the Myriad Mobile brand under Bushel.


Solution by Bushel, a division of Bushel, will continue to serve customers with the same great services and expertise with robust web and mobile development teams, full in-house design and strategy, project management, QA, and release. Same great team, same great services.

Bringing our teams together under one brand strengthens us to serve our clients with even more clarity while allowing us to broaden our offerings. Dedicated and distinguished teams within the business lines protect our product and service lines for future growth.

We continue to adapt and change so we can best meet the needs of our clients and the agriculture industry that we love so much.

3,2,1 BUSHEL!

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