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eSign for
Bushel Mobile

Collect Electronic Signatures for Contracts

Eliminate the time-consuming tasks of mailing out paper contracts and save on postage by using eSign, an option feature for Bushel Mobile™. When you’re trying to blaze through your tasks for the day, sending paper contracts can feel like a major speed bump. Skip the printer. Store those envelopes. Save yourself time and your grain business’ money by sending electronic contracts.

Why Grain Companies are Using eSign


Major Time Saver

Sending paper contracts isn’t a tough job, but they can eat up your time to review, print, and mail them out to your producers. Then you have to wait for them to boomerang their way back with a producer’s signature on the bottom. With electronic contracts you can send and receive a signed contract in hours instead of days. eSign also saves the documents online, so you can access them from all your locations without having to make a trip.


Reduce Business Costs

The labor and postage costs of sending paper contracts might seem like small change to some companies, but you know that even small savings can lead to bigger gains for your bottom line. On average, Bushel customers save 50 percent on their cost of sending contracts when they use eSign. 


Secure and Safe

Many things can go wrong with manually printing and sending documents. Wrong contracts getting sent in the mail. Paper documents getting lost or destroyed. eSign reduces this risk by making it easy to send contracts to specific users. Additionally, it gives you a complete audit trail, letting you know when the contract was sent, opened, and signed.


More Reliable Producer Interactions

eSign contracts are about 85 percent likely to be completed by producers. Plus it helps point traffic to your Bushel Mobile application where producers can learn more about cash bids.

How eSign Works with Other Tools from Bushel.

Collecting a signature is simple with eSign, Bushel Mobile, and the Bushel Admin Tool.

Upload the unsigned document to the admin tool and select the producer who needs to sign it.

Then hit send.

After receiving it on your Bushel Mobile app, the producer signs the document using their mobile device’s touch screen and sends it back.

What else can you do with Bushel Mobile?

eSign is one of Bushel Mobile’s many features. View the entire list of features to see what other jobs that it can help you tackle.

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