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Bushel Fulfillment

Reconciling scale ticket and contract information between grain businesses made easier with Bushel Fulfillment.


What is Bushel Fulfillment?

Bushel Fulfillment is a first-of-its-kind solution for direct ship and commercial grain transactions that helps save time and money associated with managing scale ticket information after delivery.

Why Others Use Bushel Fulfillment

Bushel Ag in Kansas

For Accountants

Scale tickets can be a hassle after a delivery with manual data entry, reviewing for grade factor errors, and reconciling data with outbound tickets.  Bushel Fulfillment makes it easier by sending you that information directly from a grain buyer in a format you can upload to your accounting system.

Bushel Ag in Kansas

For Merchandisers

One of the best feelings when you’re selling grain is when the transaction is finally completed and in the books. With Bushel Fulfillment, you gain the ability to see the scale ticket information from your buyers shortly after it goes into their system. That way, you can resolve any errors sooner and quickly log the transaction in your system as fulfilled.


For Location Managers

Transaction errors and inefficient processes are major speed bumps in how quickly your staff responds to producers and customers. Bushel Fulfillment helps by sharing timely, accurate information to your team so they know when your facility delivered against a contract and cuts down on time spent on data entry.

How Bushel Fulfillment Works

When the purchasing company receives your shipment, the scale ticket information gets added to the Bushel platform. The platform continually monitors for that information, searching for tickets that pertain to your organization specifically. When it finds that receiving information, it includes the data points you need into a CSV file that you can upload to your accounting system. This shortens the time to receive fulfillment confirmations and cuts down on tedious data-entry work.

Features and Benefits of Bushel Fulfillment

Bushel Fulfillment leverages the integrations of more than 2,000 grain-receiving locations already on the Bushel platform, harvesting and formatting scale tickets from commercial buyers. With the power of the Bushel platform, you’re better equipped to handle all the challenges and opportunities that comes with working in the ag industry. Bushel Fulfillment allows you to: 

  • Quickly update accounting software with scale ticket information
  • Spot and resolve grade factor-related errors sooner
  • Make your company more convenient to do business with
  • Save time by eliminating tedious data-entry tasks

Compatible with Any ERP Software

Receive scale ticket information from any facility that uses the Bushel platform, no matter what ERP they're using. Not sure if who you sell to is on the Bushel platform? Complete this form and we’ll reach out.

New and Most-Used Features


Same-Day Scale Ticket Receipts

Whether your grain buyer is down the highway or across the nation, receive your scale ticket information the day your shipment arrives.


Scheduled Automated Alerts

Tailor how often you receive scale ticket information to fit your workload. Receive once per day or multiple times throughout the day.


Ready-to-Upload File Formats

Receive your scale ticket information in CSV format, which can easily be uploaded to your accounting system. This nearly eliminates any manual data-entry tasks.


Send Reports To Multiple Users

Unlike programs that only send to one user, Bushel Fulfillment allows you to send scale ticket info to multiple users at your company. That way managers can be aware of completed deliveries. Accountants can do their tasks. And merchandisers can see when an order was completed.

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