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Work Orders

Gives growers access to important input information whenever a product is applied to their field.

An app update is required to enable this feature

Accessed near the bottom of the main navigation menu, Work Orders allow your growers to see key transactional information on completed application jobs without ever leaving your Bushel-powered app.


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Work Orders FAQ

What information is displayed in a Work Order?

Work Orders display the following (if available):

Summary Card

Details View

  • Field description
  • Crop type
  • # of acres product applied to
  • Application date (if available). 
  • Product type
  • EPA # (if NA, a dash will be displayed)
  • Amount of product per area (ex: 1 gal/acre)
  • Service (application type)
  • Township
  • Section
  • Quarter
  • Acres
  • Crop type
  • Weather conditions – beginning of application and end of application (temperature, wind speed, humidity)

How far back does Work Order information go?

For the initial roll-out, Work Orders will retain records of the current year.

Can access to Work Orders be customized, to provide visibility to other users (like a landowner)?

Customers that have associated account IDs to the work will be able to see the work order.  Thus, the landowner has to have an account ID that the grain organization attaches to the work order.

Is there support for multiple applications/locations per Work Order?

Yes. In the event there are multiple locations for a Work Order, the field description for each location will appear with corresponding location information.

How can I search in the CMS for a Work Order?

The same way you search in other data viewer screens – with name or phone number.

What is the Work Order date shown in the app/CMS?

It is typically the date that the work order was applied to the field and is pulled from the ERP.

Can you change the display order?

No. Work Orders pull in to our apps the way they are entered into the ERP. We are unable to change how the tickets are sent to us.

How are multiple application dates handled?

In the case of a product requiring multiple days to complete the application, the earliest date will be displayed.

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