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Take the Chill out of Winter Uncertainty.

Heat up the competition with Bushel's digital tools despite winter's unpredictability.

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We all know how unpredictable this winter could be. Big temperature swings. Sudden winter storms. Polar winds. An ongoing pandemic. When you already have a job that’s different each day, those factors can drastically impact what you planned to get done and what you actually can get done.

Having the right digital tools this season helps ensure that your agribusiness is ready to take on the challenges and unknowns of today while building your success for the future.

How Bushel Helps Agribusiness With Winter Operations.

Winter Uncertainty

The Bushel platform allows your organization and producers to stay a step ahead of common winter challenges, including but not limited to severe winter storms, facility maintenance, unplanned downtime, and sudden temperature swings.

Using the platform, companies can send out notifications to mobile users, collect contract signatures, and provide value by sharing real-time information with their producers. This saves time and helps your business pivot during tough times.

Uncertainties from the pandemic

We all know how COVID-19 impacted nearly every aspect of the ag industry in 2020. It limited how your team works together. It hobbled business plans. And it cut into that valuable face-to-face time where you can build trust with a local producer. Digital tools, like the Bushel platform, allow your business to continue serving producers when your staff cannot be there in person. It helps producers and your staff get on the same page faster, so phone calls can be used for more important conversations instead of playing catch-up.

“Accessing information on the application without having to wait on us was very beneficial to our producers. It’s increased their knowledge and faith in us because they have total visibility.”

– Rob Hofstra, manager at Minnesota Soybean Processors

Three Key Solutions To Tackle These Challenges

Bushel-Powered App

Smartphones are now more indispensable than ever before for agribusinesses to work with growers when in-person meetings became a rarity. Learn how the Bushel-Powered App helps you save time by sharing key information with your growers and collect contract signatures.

Bushel-Powered Web

A website should be more than a digital brochure if your growers are trying to finish more tasks from their smartphone and desktop computers. Learn how the Bushel-Powered Web tackles this by helping you manage cash bids, send alerts, and provide market information within one location.

Bushel-Powered OMS

It’s a hassle to reference multiple spreadsheets and customer notes when you’re trying to get as much done as you can in a day. Learn how the Bushel-Powered Offer Management System (OMS) condenses that information into one platform where you can manage cash bids.

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