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Pivot Your Ag Business Webinar

What You Can Learn From This Webinar.

Every year it seems there is a challenge that the ag industry overcomes. No lie, it can feel frustrating and nerve-wracking when too many factors change nearly everything all at once. To build up resilience, successful companies pivot their operations to ensure that business processes still function and practice good stewardship of their bottom line.

During this webinar, our experts covered what ag businesses can prioritize to adapt to these challenges while planning for the future and protect their revenue streams. 

Learn More About The Presenters.

Bushel webinar presenter Kevin Clausen.
Kevin Clausen

Industry Specialist

Clausen is committed to helping grain partners and customers adapt, optimize, transform, and grow. Sharing his knowledge and insights from 17 years as a general manager at Cargill and Flint Hills Resources, he is dedicated to delivering value to the industry and bringing the future closer to today. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics and management from St. Olaf College.

Bushel webinar presenter Joe Solinger
Joe Solinger

Industry Specialist

Solinger has spent the last decade serving the grain industry as a general manager, merchandiser, and commercial project manager. He advises grain operations on how to leverage technology to achieve their goals by solving their tough challenges, helping streamline business processes, improving grower relationships, and maximizing return on investment. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture business from Iowa State University.

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