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Margin Killers

The Blind Spots of Commercial Sales and Shipments

Webinar Replay

Welcome to the Bushel Buddy Seat! Ride along throughout the year as we invite industry experts to sit buddy seat and talk about the challenges, strategies, and opportunities in the day-to-day of grain.

Webinar Agenda

Buckle up and ride along with us as we welcome Lindsey Bowers, Fletcher Sunderman, and Darren Antrim to the Bushel Buddy Seat. During this webinar, we’ll learn more about the strategies these industry experts use to stay profitable during uncertain times when it comes to commercial sales and shipments. Learn about their biggest challenges and what they do to combat them.

What You’ll Learn

  • Top blind spots in your commercial grain sales that could be secretly eroding your margins
  • How grain businesses are turning to technology to optimize commercial grain sales in the future
  • How technology can strengthen your current merchandising and settlement teams while facing tight margins and labor shortages

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Featured Panelists

Lindsey Bowers

As a Grain Merchandiser for United Ag out of El Campo, TX, Lindsey comes with 16 years of experience in the industry. Lindsey represents 4 grain elevators, 2 cotton gins, and 4 supply stores with 100 full-time employees overall.

Fletcher Sunderman

Fletcher has served as a merchandiser for AGRILAND for the last two years, and has been in the industry for the last 10 years. He is a merchandiser for 2 grain facilities and 3 feed mills and is based out of Winterset, IA.

Darren Antrim

Darren has worked for Scoular in Overland Park, KS for over 20 years. He is currently the General Manager of several Cross Country truck trading teams that stretch from Nebraska to Texas through the Southeast up to Pennsylvania. His teams service multiple sectors of the feeding and processing ag industry.

Lacey Seibert

Lacey seibert is the director of sales enablement at bushel and will serve as the webinar host. Lacey has spent 15 years in the grain industry working in the areas of on farm grain origination, merchandising, and grain divisional leadership. She began her career with an abc grain company, merchandising and originating grain into a 120 mmgy ethanol plant. Most recently, she held the role of vice president of grain for a 50 mmby cooperative before joining bushel.

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