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Unlock Your Agribusiness' Potential

Learn how to grow your agribusiness using the Bushel platform and Vertical Software's tools.


What You Can Learn From This Webinar.

During this webinar, Alex Potter from Bushel and Pat Gilroy from Vertical Software Inc will show how the Bushel platform and Vertical’s GrainTrac system work together to streamline customer transactions, minimize risk of error and increase transparency between an agribusiness and customers.

This webinar is ideal if you’re currently using GrainTrac solution and want to learn more about Bushel, want to learn what tasks the Bushel platform can help you tackle, or if you’re new to an organization that’s using solutions from both Vertical and Bushel.

Watch The Full Recording

See Who's Presenting.

Alex Potter

Platform Account Executive

For about 3 years, Potter has enjoyed helping Bushel customers diagnose and solve tough business challenges. His consultative approach puts your business needs first, helping you evaluate new tools to grow your business, support legacy customers, and attract the next generation of producers. This helps agribusinesses set a solid foundation for future growth in an increasingly competitive industry. Potter earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Concordia College in 2014.

Pat Gilroy

CEO of Vertical Software Inc.

Gilroy has more than 40 years of experience working in the ag and software industries. Since 1992, he’s been the CEO of Vertical Software. Before that, he served more than10 years in multiple roles within the ag supply chain, including elevator manager, feed mill manager, and truck driver. Through his leadership, Vertical Software has been helping its customers support producers by leveraging the latest technology to make data readily accessible and visible.

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