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Increasing your productivity and effectiveness as an ag business is key for all tools that we offer. That’s why we’re always improving and adding features to help you and your producers get more done in a day. Here’s what you can do with Bushel Trade at your company.

Features and Benefits
of Bushel Trade


Get Offers From Bushel Mobile App

Make it easy to receive and manage offers from your Bushel Mobile users.

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One-Stop Cash Bid Management

Enter your cash bids in Bushel Trade, and automatically populate cash bids in your Bushel Mobile app and Bushel Website. Select the basis and watch your entire order book seamlessly adjust at the touch of a button.


Increased Offer Transparency

Merchandisers and producers can easily view offer price, quantity, and status, regardless of who entered the information into the system.


Universal Commodity Management

No limit to the offers you can manage. Manage offers for all commodities – hedgeable and nonhedgeable – in one platform.


FCM Agnostic

Whether you use one or multiple, Bushel Trade works with FCMs around the world, and we manage all your accounts on one screen.


Automatic Order Adjustments

Watch your order book automatically revise all working offers the moment you adjust your basis.


Protection Against Slippage

Slash your error and omission points and increase your bushel value. Ensure your position is always exact with a platform that adjusts and manages offers in any environment.

Graphic about security for Bushel Mobile

Data Security

Safeguard your producers’ information and privacy with Bushel Trade. We implement best practices in all our products to keep data from falling into the wrong hands.

Customized branding on three Bushel Mobile applications for grain companies, grain elevators, and grain processors.

Customized Branding

Customize your Bushel Mobile app to reflect your company’s brand, giving your company a professional-looking tool that stands out among others.


Easy To Use

Always find the information you’re looking for. Bushel Trade’s system is highly configurable to make it easier to manage your offers and understand your position. 

Bushel success team helps customer with a Bushel product.

Dedicated Success Teams

Your success doesn’t stop with the sale. Every Bushel tool grants you access to our customer success team who helps with training team members, getting producers to sign up, and providing ongoing insights about how to best use your new tools.

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Bushel Website screenshot

Bushel Website

Manage your cash bids in Bushel Trade and publish them to your Bushel website in just a few clicks.

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Bushel Mobile screenshot

Bushel Mobile

Allow your producers to view their working offers right from their mobile device.

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