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Bushel Insights

Convert your accounting system data into an easy-to-understand analysis to uncover new trends and opportunities. Request a demo to learn more.

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What is Bushel Insights?

Bushel Insights is a powerful set of data-collection and reporting tools that make it easy to use the data you already have to inform decisions and uncover opportunities that can improve your business’ bottom line.

Currently, managers, originators, and merchandisers can access Bushel Insights as an available feature with Bushel Mobile™.

Why Others Use Bushel Insights

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For Originators and Merchandisers

Leverage the data from your company’s accounting systems to identify hotspots, increase operational efficiencies, and share insights across teams.

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For Managers

Help your team find new approaches and opportunities to best serve your producers and grow the bottom line. Data that’s easy to read and understand at a quick glance saves time and serves as a progressive learning tool for onboarding new team members.

How Bushel Insights Works

Once activated, Bushel Insights uses information from your ERP system and Bushel Mobile app to generate a dashboard that can be tailored to show the metrics that impact you the most. You don’t have to change your systems to use Bushel Insights.

Features and Benefits of
Bushel Insights

Bushel Insights is a powerful analytics tool that is loaded with features that make it easier and faster to make decisions that grow your company and network of producers. The features included with Bushel Insights allow you to:

  • Quickly spot trends and opportunities for producers and your company
  • Make data-informed purchase decisions
  • Build upon the success of your existing tools and systems

New and Most-Used Features

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Flexible ERP Integration

Keep the accounting software you’re using. Bushel Insights works with many of the industry’s leading ERP systems. No change required.

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User-friendly data analysis

Straightforward visuals help you dig deeper into your company’s data to uncover new opportunities and trends that could grow your bottom line.

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Find Interested Producers

See who showed interest in your cash bid information. Bushel Insights for Grain Origination pulls data from your Bushel Mobile app to identify producers and locations tied to a cash bid view on a mobile device.

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